Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Return Journey - Post One: Getting ready

Suitcase is (almost) packed!  Hard to believe isn't it?
It's taken me the best of thirty years to arrive at this point.  I should have gone years ago.  Procrastination,  indecision,  circumstances,  call it what you will,  but the time never seemed quite right to make the return journey to the country of my birth.
So yep, the suitcase is just about filled with still a week to go before I fly out of Brisbane International Airport and I'm just hoping and praying we don't go missing somewhere in the southern ocean  !
The past few weeks I've been organizing my passport,  travel insurance,  buying warm clothes (spring temps are currently -0C overnight  to around 8-10+C in the daytime)! and souvenirs for family and friends i'll be staying with.  My head's been abuzz. Planning, thinking about all the bits and pieces I still have to do before I go,  like copying documents,  printing some photos to show rellies,  visiting the bank, downloading books to my eReader... On and on.  Oh yes and the cat needs somewhere to stay.
Anyway I reckon I'll be ready in good time.
Now to get those butterflies in my stomach to settle down.

PS: Many thanks to my patient daughter Tonia, who helped me choose suitable outfits and cull those not needed. Mwah!
Almost packed! I think everything will fit nicely.


ultramarine said...

Wishing you a wonderful time, beyond expectations xxx

Tricia Holmes said...

Thanks darl. I will. Feeling a tad nervous, but will settle down hopefully once I land at my destination.