Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Should be in bed...!

Well, (my fave word) it is after 1 am Thursday26th October and I should be well and truly in bed. But hey..who cares.
Stephs birthday went off well, although we were unable to have it on the deck overlooking the water because it was EXTREMELY windy. I had a hard time trying to keep the balloon arrangements for the table in one piece.
About 17 sat down to and 'all you can eat' buffet.
steph enjoyed her time with her friends and got some nice presents.

Afterwards she and Jason went to his house and watched movies with friends.
Ross and I spent the afternoon lazing around...was quite nice.

Tuesday night Sita and Tineke came over for a roast lamb meal. Unfortunately the roast to nearly 3 hours to cook, so dinner was rather late. Once cooked though it was delicious. Broke my diet over it though...time to get back on track TOMORROW. Manyana...never comes. Don't want to gain back the 4 kgs I dropped already.
Must to bed...

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