Friday, February 16, 2007

Christmas, holidays etc

Well the holidays are over. Christmas went by fast and January the same.

Christmas came a week early, because we were heading off to Sydney, we decided (on the spur of the moment) to have an early Christmas meal and gift giving so that Charein, Daniel, Jesse and Shontelle would not miss out on the festivities with their Oma and Granddad, and aunties from the Holmes side.
I worked out beautifully, food bought and cooked, table courtesy Tonia, Santa courtesy Granddad...just great.

For Christmas we (Tonia, Steph, Ross and I) headed off to Sydney to spend some time with Anita. We arrived Saturday morning before Christmas, met up with Anita at the unit she had arranged for us, had lunch, than off to her bedsit to see where she lives. A lovely little spot on Elanora Heights overlooking Narrabeen lakes.

That night we went off to CCC Oxford Falls for the Carols night, with Guy Sebastian leading the carols. He was taller (and stronger!) than I expected and a really free spirit. No garbage...just an ordinary guy (! :-) being himself. He sang 3 of his songs...Elevator love, Taller, stronger, better, and his original release Angels, as well as leading the carols. WoW a really great night! The auditorium holds 3000 and was turning folks away to 2 overflow rooms!

Back to Anita's for some food...always need that!..

Sunday we missed church...had a nice family day. to church for a great service. Then to Anita's for a yummy lunch and PRESSIES!! YAY!

Went for a walk around Narrabeen lake later that day...let the food settle. Haha.

That week went by quickly with lots of family time, a ferry ride from Manly to Circular Quay, the Rocks, exploring Sydney.

Thursday, Steph, Ross and I were off to Wollongong south of Sydney, to catch up with old friends at Lake Illawarra, which was very nice, while Steph caught up with Nat and Juanita Barnes, for a much needed shopping spree (yeah right :-)) . After a couple of hours, off for a walk along our favourite lake walk, a visit to our neighbours, a lovely visit with my very special friend Carolyn (and Tom), then to Chris & Veg's, and last but not least a stop at our good friends the Demols, who fed us icecream an coffee.

So leaving Tonia behind to stay longer with Anita, we headed off to Brisbane late Friday afternoon, because Ross had a wedding to perform on the Saturday. Steph back to work on the Tuesday, while I had time to settle back into everyday life.

So now it's February, and I am back into INTIMO presentations, a Life Coaching 6 week course to get me on track, and trying to drop the dreaded weight!
Birthdays: Charein turned 35!! Anita turns 30 on 3rd march, and has arranged to have a few friends to celebrate with her at Coolum Beach.
She and they are flying up for the weekend...hope the weather is great for them.

Ross and I are considering a change of location...but not sure...
The '60's ' can be a confusing state of life...direction here would be good. Any ideas?

We spent last Thursday up at Coolum and Peregian way. Caught up with our amazing friends Pam and Neil who fed us a healthy and filling lunch...always wonderful to see you guys.
Then drove up to see Jen and Glen at their $2.6m abode for a coffee and chat. I had a swim in the pool in the 'duplex' situated further up on the block. A $3.6m house with white wave water views with the pool water falling over the edge like a waterfall, fully furnished, and with wonderful paintings by Froyll Neideck on the walls...and up for sale...any takers?????????/
I wandered around the house just enjoying being a millionaire for an hour or so!
Fed the little fishes in the outdoor pond, sat on the deck, checked out the spa...(no didn't get in for a bubble bath :) Very, very nice....sigh....
That's how the other folks live people!

I will post some pics later...I have to format them first.

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