Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Holmes Family Update

It's been quite some months/years!!! since I last 'blogged'!

24th August is the date Jason and Steph have set for their wedding day! Yes, it's really happening...Jason popped the question on New Year's Day 2008, and since then wedding bells have been ringing in our heads. So much to organise - most of it has been done, but then there are all the smaller details that need attention.

  • The engagement party was held at the Clontarf Baptist church venue and turned out to be a lovely afternoon. Everyone pitched in to help with setting up the room, decorated with balloons, flowers and colorful serviettes to match. Lots of rellies and friends turned out to celebrate the event, and wish Jase and Steph well. They received many great gifts, and thank everyone for their generosity.

    Anita moved to London in March this year and is enjoying herself. She became Nanny to Jack, son of her friends Sarah and Nat (?), but now that Jack has gone to Nursery school this week, she's trying to get a few week's work before heading to Europe with Tonia, who will be arriving later this month.

    The girls have finally made the move! It's taken them a while to get off their bottoms and onto a plane to fly across to the other side of the world! Good for them...!
    They will come home about 10 days before the wedding....oh my! I hope I can do it without their help.

    So far:
  • Steph's dress has arrived

  • I bought my outfit last Saturday on the Sunshine Coast

  • Bridesmaids dresses are bought

  • Ross has his suit

  • Venue is booked

  • Celebrant ready to go

  • Flowers booked

  • Cake booked

  • Photographer booked

  • Cars organised

So now we 'just' need shoes, hair, makeup, DJ, accessories, something warm to throw on so we don't all die of cold on the day. Anyway, we'll get there I'm sure.

We've had a huge amount of much needed rain in the past few days, so that is fantastic. Too much in places, but Brisbane seems too often to miss out...but we certainly got some mm's to bless our dams with this time. Char and Dan and kidlets got stranded with no way in our out of their property. It usually doesn't take long for the water to recede, so they should be right by tomorrow.

Ross is busy with his little school run, ferrying physically and mentally handicapped children to the local primary and high school. It's a great part time job for him, which he compliments with his small business as a Marriage Celebrant. Check out his website here: http://www.authenticceremonies.com/ for more information. It's still a work in progress (the website) ,so keep an eye on it, as more pages will be added soon.

At the moment I am taking steps to ressurrect my INTIMO (http://www.intimo.com.au/) business...I have 2 bookings lined up this coming week and one later on in the mponth. So I'm looking forward to some good business in the next few months. The product is great, and sells well. Also lasts and lasts...so here's to the future! Do me a favour, and tell your friends... I'd be happy to come and do a presentation for them soon. They get lots of freebies too! If you know anyone who's looking to start their own business very cheaply...get them to call me on 0422 309 362...and I'll help them get started.

While on the coast I sold several Pursekets too -(check them out at http://www.womensbusiness.net.au/oscommerce ) My friend Fabe, pulled my Purseket out of my bag, when we were out to lunch over the weekend with some ladies who were attending the same Conference as I was. She announced: "Tricia sells these" much to my embarrassment...but she got a great response with one lady buying 2 and 5 girls buying one each...so now I have to order some more as I am low on stock.

I'd better bring this to a close as I need to get online to order some Business Cards at vista print for Ross. I've been procrastinating for weeks, and now the site is busy!! If you want FREE or low priced, but quality business cards, postcards etc etc follow this link: http://www.vistaprint.com/frf?frf=640726430812


charein said...

lovely letter. is it hard to blog? might have to do it one day.

Tricia's Blog said...

Hi Char, no it's not hard, just sign into www.blogger.com and follow the prompts to set up, then write about whatever you want.
Can be lots of fun...also a good way to advertise your business. You can have as many blogs as you like.