Sunday, February 22, 2009

Catching up on our news...

It's again been well over six months (make that 9?) since I last posted here.

So many things have happened.
  • Stephanie and Jason's wedding
  • Anita and Craig's engagement
  • Our amazing trip to Perth WA
  • Christmas
  • New Year

So I had better get writing...

24th August 2008 - Steph and Jason's wedding was absolutely stunning (click on my Face Book link and check out some photos) It was held at beautiful historic homestead Glengariff on Mt Mee Road, Dayboro.
The owners could not have done any more. It was fabulous. The whole venue is set on the side of a hill overlooking the gorgeous Mt Glorious mountain and ranges to the west. The sky at sunset was just a mass of oranges, pinks and blues. The dining tables were set to perfection with white tablecloths, white napkins and gleaming silverware.
The bride and groom both looked gorgeous and smiled continually throughout the day. It was such a very happy occasion; the food was stunning; the company congenial and the dancing and speeches lots of fun.
A gorgeous day to remember forever!

Anita connected with someone on Face Book!
She had 'gone out' with Craig when he was 17 and she was 14 - they both were at the same school. After 17 years they met up again and it was love at first sight. Within 3 weeks they were engaged and set a wedding date! It was a huge surprise and one we were not quite ready for so soon after Stephanie's wedding!
We are very excited for her and Craig and their wedding is set for April 4th this year! So after 11 years of no weddings there are 2 very quickly one after the other!
Congratulations to them both!

Our entire immediate family of 10 flew over to WA for a Holmes family re-union at Christmas!
Even the 2 sons-in-law came and of course our 2 gorgeous grandies, Jesse and Shontelle.
Ross's sister Raelene and hubby Julian amazingly offered us all their home while they moved out into their caravan! "For peace and quiet" they said :-).
They fed us, entertained us, lent us their cars, their house and were amazing hosts.
Christmas day dawned and we had our own little gift giving time, which was lots of fun. We'd been to church the night before, so Christmas day was all ours to enjoy. Bit by bit the WA rellies arrived who were welcomed with hugs and lots of happy banter. Lots of food was busily being prepared in the kitchen with everyone helping. The tables looked festive and had been set up the night before. Lunch was yummy and there was lots of catching up to do with family we hadn't seen in over 10 years. After lunch with 26 people there, we had opportunity to pick out a Santa's gift each. This was hilarious because, if you didn't like the gift you received you could then swap for something else you liked better. So the last person had the most gifts to choose from! It was so much fun, with even Nanna joining in the fun of swapping.
A really nice day and it was especially wonderful to see Nanna who is 93 and still so alert and sprightly. She is inspirational to say the least.

Boxing day was relaxing around the pool and watching cricket on telly for the men. Saturday we were all up early and the 10 of us headed for Fremantle where we caught the boat to Rottnest island. A fabulous day was spent either busing (Ross and I) or bike riding around the island. Stunningly beautiful bays filled with the most luxurious yachts were all around the island. Gorgeous white sand and gentle cliffs framed the brilliant blue waters of the bays. We stopped off on one of them where we met Anita and Tonia, who were hot from riding for miles and shared a packed lunch with them. They even got into the very cold water ...just for a moment.
Back on the boat home at aroun 4.30pm. We slept well that night...that's a fact.

Off to Mandurah for tea, then Bunbury to stay with Ross's brother Winston and wife Kay. Spent 2 -3 days there. Again wonderful hospitality. Spent a day going down to The 'Holy mile" and some beaches where we swam in the cool water even though the days were HOT! Ate Icecream at a popular ice creamery along the way in the middle of nowhere and I even met up with a fellow consultant at her campsite.
Another very enjoyable day.

On NYE we were off back to Perth again, to see Nanna for the last time. Then out to Sawyer's Valley to Ross's sister Christine and her partner Peter's new property. Just a stunningly beautiful old restored home with pressed tin ceilings and walls, wonderfully furnished with antiques, chandeliers and early Australiana. A huge place with the obligatory farm shed, 2 dogs and a dam. Here we all met up again (the 10 of us) to celebrate the coming of 2009. Again, hospitality to die for, food, food and more food. A pool to cool off in and a verandah to sit and enjoy a meal in the cool of the evening with the whole family and rellies.
NYE was fun and again time to catch up with relatives.

After a few days there it was time to fly away home. Steph, Jason, Ross and I went back to Brissy and Anita flew to Sydney to catch up with friends and have a hen's night there.
Charein, Daniel and kids, and Tonia headed off to their cousin's farm near Albany. They spent another 2 weeks in WA.
What an unforgetttable time we had in WA.
Thanks to Chris and Peter, Raelene and Julian, Winston and Kay! You are all completely wonderful!

We are all back into work and our usual activities.
Well must to bed.
Love to all.


ROSETTA said...

What a cheerful blog. The wedding and christmas sound just great. Family times like this are so important and you are really enjoying yours. It put a smile to my face Trish! All the best with the next wedding. Love Rosetta

Tricia's Blog said...

Thanks Rosetta, that is so nice. Glad it made you feel good.

ultramarine said...

So exciting! I always love reading your writing. You have a gift dear sis xxx