Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Christmas is coming soon

Yesterday I shopped for baubles for our tree. It was time to change the colour scheme, after having silver and mauve to purple for about 6 years!

After church I drove around to the nearest Crazy Clarks ($3.00 shop) and with basket in hand set about to choose from a vast array of colours. I decided to go with deep reds and gold. An angel to top of the tree, some gilded candles: tall, round and short, and some pillar shaped ones, completed the shopping.

So today, I dragged the boxed, folded up tree out of the shed, and proceeded to set it up. Artificial pine needles soon spread over the floor (must vacuum tomorrow), boxes and baubles everywhere - but now it's done. A bit early I think, with still a month to go, but it's done and so now there's one less thing to worry about.

This year our family is coming over to celebrate Christmas on the Christmas Eve. In-laws need to be visited on the day, so this works out reasonably for us. We will start early with a reasonably simple meal, then head off to church for a 7 o'clock service. Afterwards the fun will begin with Santa giving out the gifts. Hopefully the grandies will have had a sleep on the way from the Coast.

I'm looking forward to it...especially now that we are planning on having aircon installed by then.
Yay! It's been so hot and humid, it will make it so much more pleasant.

Well, must be off to bed now.

I need to catch up on some sleep. Tomorrow I hope to try to catch up with what our year was about in 2009. I've been slack.