Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This is going to be d e e p....

Yes, this is going to be deep.

At about 8.30 this morning two young tall lads knocked on my door.
Here at last were the long awaited installers....ready to go!
Two days before Christmas! It sure was cutting it fine.

The aircon units were delivered before we headed down to Broken Head and have been sitting in one of our bedrooms for a week or more.

The 2 young Adonises got to work and 4 hours later and despite a short thunder storm that held things up for about 20 minutes, the AIR CON has been installed in all it's glory!
YAY!! Cool air at last.

Thinking of it...my mum and dad were rather futuristic for their time and had aircon installed in the late 1970's.
I always thought it a bit silly because I didn't think it was all that hot in Brisbane...but when your'e young things like heat are easier to bear. As age creeps up I figure we need to do everything in our power to help make the journey a little easier.

The house is lovely and cool. The  8 KW monster hangs on the back wall in our living area and is strong enough to send cool air through our entire house. Obviously we don't have a large house, but it has already cooled down every room so well that I've already turned it off.! :-)

The rain storm cooled things down a bit.
Anyway guys, I'm totally chuffed, happy, delighted and looking forward to being able to wear my hair down.
Well, at least inside the house.

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