Friday, April 13, 2012

A tourist in your own dot on the map...

It's always fun to be a little unpredictable.
It's the last day of the Easter hols and on Monday we are back to driving kids to school.

Old Petrie Town is a little historic village just over 5 kms from our house situated on Dayboro Road, Petrie. We'd heard that the Friday night markets were being extended, so on the spur of the moment we thought we'd have a wander around the stalls, so off we drove. When we got there we found that the  markets were no longer on but some of the quaint shops were open, as well as the Rock n Roll cafe and Cafe Down Under. Every Friday night the Classic Car Club members roll up in their 60's Chevys, Holdens, Buicks and even some old 20's cars, but mainly 50's, 60's vehicles, to meet at the Rock and Roll Cafe. A good sized screen is erected outside the cafe and tonight they were showing some B&W movie, I think it was a Dracula one. It was such a balmy night and plenty of people were enjoying hamburgers, fish and chips, soups, hot dogs etc while watching the movie and chatting with their friends. It's a good place for families to hang out and lots of kids were out with their parents. We decided to order early (about 5.30) because it does get quite busy there and we didn't want to be out too late, seeing Ross needed to watch the footy at 7.30! :-)
We ordered Barra, salad and chips and a jug of water and then sat down in one of the red vinyl covered booths to check out all the paraphernalia on the cafe walls. Vinyl records, sleeves, plastic flowers, a juke box and a life sized Elvis decorated the place - it's a lot of fun. Steel and laminate tables and chairs, cafe booths and a couple of red vinyl couches complete the scene. We enjoyed our meal, then checked out the cars and the few shops that were open. We walked around to the Cafe Down Under, which is down some stairs partially under a building, where you can buy a smorgasbord meal and coffee. There was live 60's music which was rather fun to listen to while we drank our coffees. It reminded us a bit of when we were on our trip around Oz and we'd  stop in some bush town to stay overnight, and there would be some band entertaining the travellers staying in the caravan park. All very relaxed and relaxing!
Anyway we had a lovely couple of hours together just mellowing out.  And best of all, we got home before the start of the match with just a couple of minutes to spare, so the man was happy!

So, yeah, I reckon it's a good to do something without too much forethought sometimes. We enjoyed ourselves and it didn't cost the earth, nor did we have to drive far. Sometimes it's good to become a tourist in your own area - you never know what you might find.

Me and Rossy

Yummy Fish, chips and salad

Rock n Roll Cafe interior

Me 'n Elvis
Ross with a loooong Buick

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