Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's no fun being 'under the weather'...

It's just no fun ...

I 'pride' myself on being healthy 'all' the time. How can I say that? I really can't, because it's something no-one can control and if you have it, it's something to be continually thankful for.

This week I got 'under the weather' (whatever that actually means) and I woke up with a searing sore throat and upper chest feeling like it was burning up. So up I got at 4am and off into the dark kitchen located the salt shaker, a glass and some warm water. Gargle, spit, gargle, spit. Not much fun but it's the best thing I know for settling down an inflamed throat. Then back into the where! did I last see that small jar of Vicks Vaporub? After 5 minutes of shuffling around between both bathrooms and the pantry I finally located it. I'm a great believer in Vicks chest rub. My kids will tell you this and I don't believe they would remember this fondly. Memories of their mother rubbing this potent potion on their chest, back and under their nose would not  be remembered with much kindness towards her, I'm sure.

Anyway I woke up several hours later feeling entirely much better, but as the day progressed things got worse and by nightfall I was on the bed ready for sleep. I felt so tired and not well at all. Next day was much the same and by the next night I recorded a temperature of 39.5C and feeling very sorry for myself. No dinner again that night and I called my bus supervisor to see if someone else could drive for me. Luckily by morning I felt well enough to drive and by resting during the day, my afternoon run was taken care of by me.

So why am I telling you all this? Because it's just feels so good to be even a little better. Even after just a couple of days or so, I realise again how good it is to feel at least 50% improved...

One of my fb friends mentioned how she has chronic pain from a car accident and the only way to relieve it is through medication, meditation, exercise and rest. This afternoon on ABC 24 a segment on Chronic pain was aired. It's something I've never really thought about. This must be just so amazingly hard to cope with and I've a new understanding (to just a teeny weeny degree) that this is like a life sentence!

Hopefully there will soon be a solution to this for all those that have to live with it every day and still carry on with their jobs, their families and keep smiling as best they can.
Because life becomes unbearable, it causes many that suffer chronic pain to become addicted to the very medication that is supposed to bring them relief.

If you have great health, be continually grateful for every day you live pain free.
I am.

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